Having left school I attended Farnborough Sixth Form College. I had my heart set on being a window dresser. I took the opportunity to work for a company that sold household linen and curtain fabrics. During my time there I worked in the linen department, dressing the displays and helping customers. I later worked in the fabric department, learning the use of each fabric and how to estimate for curtains. I gained a wealth of fabric knowledge and was taught how to measure accurately. After sometime of training I became a consultant. This meant that I now had the experience of visiting customer’s homes with a selection of fabrics and helping them with the perfect selection for their room. I put my newly found measuring skills to work and would now be able to send a quotation to the client. Having been asked to go ahead with the curtains I would then do the necessary paperwork and order the fabrics required. Once the curtains had been made I would go back to customers home and with the fitter install the window treatment, ensuring it was hung beautifully. Some 7 years later I was offered a position to set up and run an interior design company for a lady. This I felt would be a tremendous experience. The company was to be set in a beautiful rural location in a converted cow shed. The early days were spent painting and arranging things. I opened lots of fabric accounts and soon the showroom was looking fabulous. I went out in search of new business and before long we had clients coming to find us. It was here that my knowledge of interior design and techniques flourished. I worked for Forget-me-not Interiors for over 2 years until the owner had to move overseas.