Queens Row

When I purchased Queens Row it comprised of a long cottage that ran away from the main road towards a workshop that sat at the end of the plot. The long cottage was very tired indeed. It had three doors and three flights of stairs despite one being to small and awkward to climb.

There were a series of rooms, one bathroom and a room with a sink and an emersion heater in it (the kitchen). I managed to get planning permission to turn the long cottage into three little cottages and to build a new one bedroom coach house style property where the workshop stood. I started works to renovate the long cottage. This was quite involved as much of the property needed attention. Most of the walls and the roof needed to be replaced or repaired. Care was taken to work sympathetically with the original building for example new chimneys were built using old bricks. All the mains services needed updating and new supplies had to be run.

We fitted new wooden windows, stable doors and staircases. New bathrooms and kitchens were installed. I then set about the decorating, fitting of new floorings and installation of curtains and blinds. The team worked extremely well. It was hard work but each little cottage looked great. Now completed it was a perfect row of cottages each with a lantern hanging beneath its tiled porch. Each interior was different however we had managed to achieve some sort of continuity with a traditional feel and a modern edge. It was time to demolish the workshop and begin number four. The footings were professionally marked out as the property would be built on raised ground with a four foot drop immediately behind it.

The brickwork began and it started to take shape. This property was designed to maximise living space. It had a large entrance hall with the bedroom and en suite bathroom on the ground floor. This meant that upstairs we could create an open plan living room and kitchen with a small balcony. It had the luxury of a stylish shower room. As the decorating finished new flooring was fitted and blinds installed. I matched the windows to those of the cottages and again fitted a stable door with a porch above. A picket fence was erected and the driveway done. It now looked fabulous just as I had hoped, a timeless pretty mews set in a private courtyard.