Church Cottage

A pretty timber framed cottage with a small overhanging jetty built in 1463. Many changes had been made to property by the time it was listed in 1963. The problem with becoming listed at this point was that previous custodians of the property had modernised, replacing the internal doors and introducing brown plastic handles.

The once open fireplace now featured a brown tiled surround and the rather small kitchen had a large breezeblock larder built within it. This meant I had to work closely with the council and historic buildings. I employed an architect to draw up a schedule of works. I used this to attain quotations for various repairs and replacements. Much of the cottage needed to be gently taken apart. An enormous amount of the timbers and floorboards had been eaten away by woodworm and death-watch beetle.

Timber treatments and damp proof coursing had to be gained. Some of the structural beams had to be replaced but others had to have timber spliced onto them. New oak floors were installed also tongue and groove doors were hung. A new bathroom window and the door and window furniture were handmade by a forger. Soon the cottage was repaired and structurally strong again. A new bathroom was installed with traditional taps and fittings. A handmade kitchen was fitted keeping a small bread oven as a feature and all the appliances discreetly tucked away behind doors. The fireplace was reopened and looked lovely with a reinstated oak beam and wrought iron grate. It was all finished off with some beautiful curtains and lovely carpets. A little wooden tub planted with a red geranium sat delightfully next to a freshly red painted front door.